Hey there, I am Aditya.

I am a Software Engineer residing in Seattle, Washington. I spend my day time developing distributed Big Data systems at Amazon Inc. and evenings tinkering with my personal applied ML projects.

I am particularly interested in all things Technology, Engineering and Products and write about these topics. Say hi to me on Twitter or Linkedin!

Work: I currently work at the World Wide Operations Finance org at Amazon as a Software Development Engineer. I have previously worked as a Software Engineer at Walmart Labs, Samsung Research and Myntra.

Personal: When I am not coding or designing applications, I spend my time either on Twitter reading about latest startups or watching crime shows / anime on Netflix. Recently graduated from Arizona State University (Go devils!). Always ready to pet a dog 🙂

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Thank you for visiting my website, I am happy to see you here.

Who should you be: Technology Generalist or Specialist?

As an Engineer, should you focus on becoming a Generalist or Specialist? Everyone in the tech industry knows that every few years (months?) a new technology or framework enters the market. Angular, Ember and JQuery were good enough until React came up. Not that people don’t use Angular anymore, but everyone wants to learn ReactContinue reading “Who should you be: Technology Generalist or Specialist?”

Top Resources for getting a Software Engineer job at Big N Companies

This short post is written for recent graduates, current students and code newbies looking for a job as a Software Engineer in the Big N companies like Google, Facebook, Amazon, Netflix etc. I have personally tried most of the resources mentioned here (free and paid) during my job search. These have helped me to landContinue reading “Top Resources for getting a Software Engineer job at Big N Companies”