Hey there, I am Aditya.

I am a Software Engineer residing in Seattle, Washington. I spend my day time developing distributed Big Data systems at Amazon Inc. and evenings tinkering with my personal applied ML projects.

I am particularly interested in all things Technology, Engineering and Products and write about these topics. Say hi to me on Twitter or Linkedin!

Work: I currently work at the World Wide Operations Finance org at Amazon as a Software Development Engineer. I have previously worked as a Software Engineer at Walmart Labs, Samsung Research and Myntra.

Personal: When I am not coding or designing applications, I spend my time either on Twitter reading about latest startups or watching crime shows / anime on Netflix. Recently graduated from Arizona State University (Go devils!). Always ready to pet a dog šŸ™‚

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Thank you for visiting my website, I am happy to see you here.

Who should you be: Technology Generalist orĀ Specialist?

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Top Resources for getting a Software Engineer job at Big NĀ Companies

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