Hello there!

Hey there, I am Aditya.

I am a Software Engineer residing in Seattle, Washington. I spend my day time developing back-end services at Abnormal Security and evenings tinkering with my personal ML / Web projects.

I use product strategy and systems thinking to develop scalable, reliable, resilient, frugal and efficient applications that delights customers. I am interested in all things technology, software engineering and product and read and write about these topics. Say hi to me on Twitter or Linkedin!

Work: I currently work as a Software Engineer at Abnormal Security, an AI based startup fighting email related cyber-crime. I have previously worked as a Software Engineer at Amazon, Walmart Labs, Samsung Research and Myntra.

Personal: When I am not coding or designing applications, I spend my time either on Twitter reading about latest startups or watching crime shows / anime on Netflix. I was born and brought up in Delhi, India and like most Delhiites, I am a big foodie. Went to Delhi Technological University for my Bachelor’s degree and Arizona State University for a Master’s in Computer Science degree (Go devils!). Always ready to pet a dog 🙂

Thank you for visiting my website, happy to see you here.

The System Design Template I Use

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Why Everyone Should Learn To Write

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