My Summer Internship Experience at Walmart Labs

Now that I’m back at Arizona State University for my fall semester, this seems like a good time to share my Summer 2019 Internship experience with everyone.

I decided to write this blog for anyone interested in applying at Walmart Labs for an Internship. The whole experience was full of learning and fun and I’ll always be grateful for this opportunity.

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A brief Introduction to Support Vector Machine

Support Vector Machine (SVM) is one of the most popular Machine Learning Classifier. It falls under the category of Supervised learning algorithms and uses the concept of Margin to classify between classes. It gives better accuracy than KNN, Decision Trees and Naive Bayes Classifier and hence is quite useful.

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Life @ Arizona State University

This fall I joined the Masters in Computer Science Graduate program at the ever amazing and diverse Arizona State University.

Coming to the US was an intimidating task given that I had never lived alone and the baggage loss at the airport added to the troubles but more on that later. So after arriving in Phoenix, Arizona and witnessing the blistering heat of this otherwise amazing city, I finally managed to go to the Sun Devil county, my home for next 2 years, Arizona State University!

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How AI will affect different fields of Technology!

Artificial intelligence is a term that inspires wonder in the minds of some people but instigates terror in the hearts of others. The truth is AI is changing our lives at a phenomenal speed. From driverless cars to special purpose robots, AI is meant to enhance the quality of human lives.

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Want to ace technical interviews? Get started with Competitive Programming!

If you are preparing for Software Developer / Engineer jobs, you have to be prepared to go through rigorous technical interviews. All these interviews require good programming skills. Apart from impressive side projects and relevant experience, knowledge of Data Structures (DS) and Algorithm Design & Analysis (ADA) with good problem-solving skills are the most important things you’ll need to ace the interview.

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What is Deep learning and Why you should know about it!

Deep learning is a subfield of Machine learning which is changing the world around us.

From driverless cars to speech recognition, Deep learning is making everything possible. It has become a hot topic of Industry as well as academia and is affecting nearly all Industries related to ML and Artificial Intelligence.

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Developing an Audio Recorder app

Hey people!

In this tutorial, we’ll develop a basic Audio capturing android application. This tutorial is the second part of the series in which we develop basic Android applications.

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Developing a Screen Mirroring Android App

Have you ever tried screen mirroring (or casting) your phone on a Smart Tv? You must have. There are tons of available applications for this task. If you haven’t heard of Screen mirroring, let me explain:

Screen mirroring (sometimes called screen casting) allows you to mirror your mobile device’s content to your TV screen.

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What’s a Blockchain?

Currently, Bitcoin is leading the charts among all coins. So what exactly is the technology that makes Bitcoin so special and why do so many people, including me, thinks that cryptocurrencies are going to change the world.

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Cryptocurrencies : latest fad?

As we all have seen, cryptocurrencies (cryptoC) are the latest thing everyone is talking about. People are loving it, hating it, investing in it and surely talking about it. Many wallets and trading platforms have emerged to ease short term trading and long term investment. In this article I’m going to share my thoughts on this uprising technology that is taking the world by storm.

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