Batch Barcode Scanning

At my internship at Walmart Labs, I was worked as a Software Development Intern, part of the Supply Chain Technology team. I developed numerous Android and Cordova applications which were used in the Distribution Centers and aimed at reducing time taken to process per case. One of the applications was meant to scan multiple barcodes […]

Sub Crowd

SubCrowd is a platform for trading streaming services like Netflix, Hulu etc with people. The user is able to swipe right the people he / she wants to trade the services with and then can chat with them to further know them before exchanging any data. Android app currently live on Google Play Store : […]


A React Native app for documenting and sharing work done among roommates. Lets users divide work among a group. Highly useful for roommates living together. Helps them to divide and track work among roommates. Stack: React Native + Firebase Currently in development!

Human Emotion detector

I love working with ML models and have written various articles explaining some of them. I developed an emotion detection model using CNN as part of my academic project. Github We used MMI datasets for testing our models and tried different ML models including GNB, LR and SVM. Overall for videos, CNN performed much better […]

Screen Mirroring

I developed an Android app used for Screen mirroring your android device on any connected TV. The app is pretty simple and uses an inbuilt android feature under it’s hood. Read more about it here. Here is the Github repo.

Looking Glass

What: I worked on Looking Glass, a data management and visualization tool developed for storing and analyzing views from social media networks and predicting future trends within the political bubbles. Where: I developed the tool working as Research Assistant at Cognitive Information Processing System Lab, ASU (October 2018 – May 2019). Technologies: The data visualization […]