Sub Crowd

SubCrowd is a platform for trading streaming services like Netflix, Hulu etc with people. The user is able to swipe right the people he / she wants to trade the services with and then can chat with them to further know them before exchanging any data. Android app currently live on Google Play Store :Continue reading “Sub Crowd”

Screen Mirroring

I developed an Android app used for Screen mirroring your android device on any connected TV. The app is pretty simple and uses an inbuilt android feature under it’s hood. Read more about it here. Here is the Github repo.

Looking Glass

What: I worked on Looking Glass, a Data Mining and Visualization tool developed for storing and analyzing views from social media networks and identifying disinformation spread on social media and find accounts spreading it. McCain Institute (ASU) developed their report on “Tracking and Refuting Disinformation in Georgia” using the tool. Where: I developed the toolContinue reading “Looking Glass”