Why developers code at night!?

Realizing this small fact while talking to a developer friend of mine yesterday, I tried to find the reason why most of the coders/developers are so functional at night, and why all their hilarious works are a product of a coffee and a sleepless noche.

Is it the stillness or the silence of the room, or is it the hyper brain activity many people feel at the end of the day. I don’t know about the scientific reason, but yes i clearly found the psychological one from my own personal experience.

“The guilt of not doing anything functional the whole day”

Yes, personally I feel this is the only reason we spent our nights dwelling. To save ourselves from the haunt of useless time waste we do in the daylight. I read a beautiful answer on Quora depicting the mentality of an average programmer.

Waste time – Code at night – Pledge to not do this again – Repeat!

Yeah, that’s what we go through each day.

  Its still not that bad, at least we end up doing something, but realizing the fact that’s its going to happen every time, I’ll make my work schedule accordingly next time and will try to make my days more efficient.