These days all of us are addicted to Social Media, agreed, but i was really wondering how bad this addiction can be and how will one react if he/she is denied the access to all the social hubs out there for a day. I tried it on myself. Damn! It was too hard.

Regularly, after every couple of minutes, I felt the need of checking Whatsapp/Facebook/Quora… the list is endless(though Quora serves a different purpose, we’re focusing on the bigger picture here).


I realized, this anxiety is a result of my prolonged use of these platforms and though they prove to be very useful at times
(after all, they are an important source of communication, you’ll say) aren’t that beneficial. Yes! We are now habitual to visiting(and staying on) these online gatherings, at regular intervals in a day. Ironically, most of time we ignore the fact that this addiction is purely because of their fraudulent nature and they aren’t as serviceable as we ponder they are.

So ultimately I reached to the conclusion that:

I don’t use Facebook, Facebook uses me.

So, try to cut down your time on these social mongers and get relieved of Whatsapp-iliosis 🙂

Published by Aditya Rohilla

Software Engineer at Abnormal Security | Ex - Amazon, Samsung, Walmart Labs, Myntra. All things Tech and Startups.

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