Want to ace technical interviews? Get started with Competitive Programming!

If you are preparing for Software Developer / Engineer jobs, you have to be prepared to go through rigorous technical interviews. All these interviews require good programming skills. Apart from impressive side projects and relevant experience, knowledge of Data Structures (DS) and Algorithm Design & Analysis (ADA) with good problem-solving skills are the most important things you’ll need to ace the interview.

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What is Deep learning and Why you should know about it!

Deep learning is a subfield of Machine learning which is changing the world around us.

From driverless cars to speech recognition, Deep learning is making everything possible. It has become a hot topic of Industry as well as academia and is affecting nearly all Industries related to ML and Artificial Intelligence.

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Developing an Audio Recorder app

Hey people!

In this tutorial, we’ll develop a basic Audio capturing android application. This tutorial is the second part of the series in which we develop basic Android applications.

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Developing a Screen Mirroring Android App

Have you ever tried screen mirroring (or casting) your phone on a Smart Tv? You must have. There are tons of available applications for this task. If you haven’t heard of Screen mirroring, let me explain:

Screen mirroring (sometimes called screen casting) allows you to mirror your mobile device’s content to your TV screen.

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What’s a Blockchain?

Currently, Bitcoin is leading the charts among all coins. So what exactly is the technology that makes Bitcoin so special and why do so many people, including me, thinks that cryptocurrencies are going to change the world.

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Cryptocurrencies : latest fad?

As we all have seen, cryptocurrencies (cryptoC) are the latest thing everyone is talking about. People are loving it, hating it, investing in it and surely talking about it. Many wallets and trading platforms have emerged to ease short term trading and long term investment. In this article I’m going to share my thoughts on this uprising technology that is taking the world by storm.

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Introduction to Data Science with Python 

Hey! I’m a Software Engineer having some decent experience with C/C++ and Web technologies. The field of Data Science looks very promising and hence I tried to learn about it a little.

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Slavery to technology

Around ten years back when social platforms started gaining popularity, everyone was amazed to look how Internet can change lives and what power it beholds.

Now there is an application / website for everything. Every single thing that can cross our minds. That’s really helpful, right? Well sure, up to a certain level. Our day to day lives have changed a lot since the online evolution. Now we get news in 60 words, there are online trial rooms, there is even an application for reminding us to drink water every hour for god’s sake!

Now here is where I think we have crossed a line. Using technology to simplify our lives is brilliant, but being dependent on our phones for every little damn thing of our day to day lives is kind of depressing. Sure, we don’t realize this yet, but we soon will.

There are several studies explaining the dark sides of technology, namely how the virtual world affects our state of thinking, and makes us more prone to depression, stress and anxiety. But yeah, we don’t give a fuck.
We tend to deny our level of dependence on our smartphones. We can’t give up that dopamine release when we hear the notification sounds. I think it’s time to realize our shortcomings and try to get rid of this severe addiction. Shall we?

Here are some things I tried:

  • For starters, I have blocked all the notifications for all the social networking applications from my android device. Might help in focusing more on the physical than the virtual world.
  • Have limited the use of service providing apps like Grofers, Paytm etc. Not that they aren’t helpful. It’s just nice to visit the market sometimes.
  • Managing my time with my devices. I try to use my phone for either work or learning something.  For entertainment purposes, I prefer reading  a book.



Let’s try to keep a balance between the real and virtual world. Technology is awesome, let’s just not let it empower us.

Basics of React


React is an open source Javascript library used to make dynamic User Interfaces. You can think of it as the View in MVC.

Strictly speaking, there’s no strictness with React. You can use it with most of the JS libraries out there.

Made by Facebook and Instagram, it’s now used by most of the leading tech companies around world. Some of them, other than Fb and Insta themselves are:

React is giving a tough competition to it’s rivals Angular and Ember (Though each of them are releasing new versions with more features.)

It’s definitely worth giving React a try.

Check out https://facebook.github.io/react for understanding how React works.

Introduction to React

Hello everyone!

I’m gonna write some short posts on React now onwards that will help beginners with the JS library made by Facebook for making User Interfaces.

As there are tons of articles on the topic which nicely explains all it’s features, uses and it’s strengths and weaknesses compared to other frameworks/libraries, I’ll keep the posts really short only describing why new developers should give React a try.react

The three topics for my future posts on the series will be:

  • What is React and who’s using it.
  • Why we should use it.
  • React in future and future by React.

Stay tuned for these. I’ll add links wherever necessary for the readers to explore.


PS: I worked on React + Redux at Myntra during my six months Internship.