Introduction to Data Science with Python 

Hey! I'm a Software Engineer having some decent experience with C/C++ and Web technologies. The field of Data Science looks very promising and hence I tried to learn about it a little. Without having any prior experience with Python or R, I decided to dive into the field of Data Analytics just like that and... Continue Reading →

Slavery to technology

Around ten years back when social platforms started gaining popularity, everyone was amazed to look how Internet can change lives and what power it beholds. Now there is an application / website for everything. Every single thing that can cross our minds. That's really helpful, right? Well sure, up to a certain level. Our day... Continue Reading →

Basics of React

  React is an open source Javascript library used to make dynamic User Interfaces. You can think of it as the View in MVC. Strictly speaking, there's no strictness with React. You can use it with most of the JS libraries out there. Made by Facebook and Instagram, it's now used by most of the... Continue Reading →

Introduction to React

Hello everyone! I'm gonna write some short posts on React now onwards that will help beginners with the JS library made by Facebook for making User Interfaces. As there are tons of articles on the topic which nicely explains all it's features, uses and it's strengths and weaknesses compared to other frameworks/libraries, I'll keep the... Continue Reading →


These days all of us are addicted to Social Media, agreed, but i was really wondering how bad this addiction can be and how will one react if he/she is denied the access to all the social hubs out there for a day. I tried it on myself. Damn! It was too hard. Regularly, after every... Continue Reading →

Pyro Technologies.

Aditya Rohilla

Yes the name is nice, I chose it :p . The startup we founded is still a child, merely a couple of months old, but is holding some brilliant ideas within. A small team comprising of some engineering students made for developing some solutions for our daily problems through technology and innovation is officially going to make their products/services public soon.

We do not and will not follow a specific stream. We are just trying to make our ideas a reality. We are mere sophomores and hence aren’t afraid of failure. We are working towards our goal to make a difference in society by our efforts, and are constantly trying to make efficient and innovative products.

It’ll be too soon to mention the details of our products, but soon a prototype will be launched.

As of now we are focusing on Wearable tech and Android apps but soon we’ll…

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Why developers code at night!?

Realizing this small fact while talking to a developer friend of mine yesterday, I tried to find the reason why most of the coders/developers are so functional at night, and why all their hilarious works are a product of a coffee and a sleepless noche. Is it the stillness or the silence of the room,... Continue Reading →

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